Update v0.11: Minimap

Well, guess since devlogs allows you to post and talk about stuff, I think I should make an use of this. 
I'm not quite used to Itch.io's forum posting yet, but once it was everyone's first time.

Starting off: Version 0.11 is out!

Main feature: A minimap!

When pressing M, a metroid-inspired minimap will show up, showing which rooms you've already discovered, and which room you currently are.
As you go through rooms you havn't visited before, the map will update it the next time you're opening it up.
Personally, I thought the world map as whole is too small for this feature to be needed, but I think you can get lost pretty quickly by the lack of backgrounds and variety. It's been a good practise too.

Some rooms had to be tweaked a little bit to make the progress of the minimap somewhat cleaner. But overall I find it a nice improvement.

Other changes include:
- Maximum arrows now starts with 2, where the quiver upgrade adds a 3th one.
- Bombs can be thrown again without having to wait untill the previous one exploded.
- Minor tweaks and bugfixes.

Overall, there are no significiant changes to the game's visuals and balance, so the update is more suitable for those who havn't played the game yet.

Fair warning: because of the saving method used, the save can't load the changes made. 
Attempting to load a previous save will most likely cause a crash, so it's required to start a new game instead.


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