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Space Siblings is a space shooter with it's concept greatly based on classic top-down shooters. A small project made to experience programming.

The goal of the game is to prevent the alienships getting past you, by shooting them all to their defeat.
If 10 aliens have passed, or if you've no more functional ship(s) left, the game is over.

You can play with 1 or 2 ships at once, where you start with 2 characters and their ships. There are 3 other ships waiting to be unlocked, they'll be unlocking shortly, depending on how many aliens you've beaten.

The game's pretty short, but I hope you'll enjoy playing it.

Any feedback is welcome!

Install instructions

Download the ,zip file and unpack the folder. There's no need to install as long as you keep the files in a single folder. Just click on the Space Siblings.exe file and it'll start up.


Space Siblings v1.1.1.zip 13 MB

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